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Quad Cities! Jackie, Sydney, Ginny, Ivy and I are thrilled to be serving this growing community through the many offerings at our store!  The opportunity (as a family) to step back into the community that helped develop in me the beginnings of my passion as a runner was one that we could not pass up.  Our great aim is to offer unparalleled service and expertise via our incredible staff team, present an unrivaled selection of the industry's leading brands and products and to meaningfully engage, in a tireless fashion, a community of runners, walkers, on-my-feet-all-day-ers, and non-profit entities in need of a strong partner and advocate.  We understand the importance of the right FIT, be it your footwear, apparel, accessories, or running group.  Our operation has little to do with us, and much to do with YOU!  Briefly, a little more information on our family: Ivy is the newest addition to our family. She was born 6 weeks early and spent some time in the NICU in Iowa City and although she is tiny she is mighty! Ginny is 4 and will do any puzzle you put in front of her. She is one of the most affectionate and passionate people on the earth. Sydney is 6 and loves to run whenever she can. She also loves to be a mother hen to the younger two and the enforcer of rules whenever possible! Jackie is from Ames but grew up a hardcore Hawkeye fan despite intense persecution from 2000-2004. She gladly attended the University of Iowa and has completed several half marathons. She can bake anything but specializes in homemade cinnamon rolls and a variety of chocolate chip cookies.  I (Phil) ran my first Bix 7 at age 11 alongside my mother, and quickly fell in love with the sport.  I attended Davenport Assumption HS, the University of Iowa, and have, in one way or another, been working in running specialty retail since graduation.  Please, stop in the store, send us a note, or find us on the trails or at the city parks; we can't wait to meet YOU!

Phil Young(email)

Store Operator
  • Hometown: Davenport, IA
  • # of years running: 17 
  • Current Training Shoe(s): Saucony Type A6, Nike Zoom Streak, Saucony Kinvara 
  • Favorite run spot in the QC: Duck Creek Recreation Trail, Sunderbruch Park
  • Personal mission statement as an FF employee: I hope to inspire, encourage, and enable individuals in the Quad City area to reach their personal wellness goals and find joy in being a part of a greater community of runners, walkers, and others.
  • Food weakness: Most all of it.
  • Personal mantra as a runner: Not a huge mantra guy; I'll occasionally recite/recall Scripture mid-run. 
  • Running goal: Prolong the days where I feel like I'm getting faster/stronger with age; I know, however, they are numbered...
  • Currently training towards: Bix, Dam to Dam, Chicago Marathon
  • Running highlight: Finishing well (at all, really) at 2013 Ironman Wisconsin 
  • Running low point: My first and only DNF/dropout in a race at the 2015 Wildcat 50k 

Jackie Young(email)

Training Programs Coordinator
  • Hometown: Ames, IA
  • # of years running: 15 
  • Current Training Shoe(s): Saucony Ride, New Balance Zantes, Brooks Ghost
  • Favorite run spot in the QC: Duck Creek Recreation Trail towards Emeis
  • Personal mission statement as an FF employee: I hope to make everyone feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated right where they're at, whether "fit", far from it, or on some sort of journey from one to the other!
  • Food weakness: Warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.
  • Personal mantra as a runner: Something is always better than nothing!
  • Running goal: After baby, my goal is to break 20:00 in the 5k!
  • Currently training towards: Having baby #3
  • Running highlight: Training for and completing the Pigman Sprint Triathlon (Palo, IA)
  • Running low point: Finishing second-to-last in the 800m at the Iowa High School State Track Meet

Haley Reagan

Fit Specialist
  • Hometown: Moline, IL
  • # of Years Running: 7
  • Current Training Shoes: Inov8 for trail running, Nike Lunerglides, Nike Metcons for crossfitting
  • Favorite Spot to run or workout in the QC: Illiniwek Forest Preserve, Quad City Crossfit
  • Personal mission statement as a FF employee:I hope to use my passion for fitness and wellness to help support, guide and prepare Quad Citizens and visitors alike.
  • Food Weakness: Cookies, pizza, brownies and just about everything else
  • Personal Mantra as an athlete: Anyone can do it. So do it.
  • Running Goal: Becoming more mentally strong, increasing my mileage
  • Currently Training towards: Turkey Trot, Quad City Crossfit's Christmas Classic, Ragnar Trail Kentuckiana
  • Athletic Highlight: Using my fitness to better understand myself and the world around me
  • Athletic Low Point: Going into the Swiss Valley trail run physically and mentally unprepared

Tom Ries

Store Mananger
  • Hometown: Iowa City, IA
  • # of years running: 20+ (I started running with my dad on his easy days and biking with him on his long runs when I was pretty young) 
  • Current Training Shoe(s): Nike Pegasus 33
  • Favorite run spot in the QC: Riverfront/Great River Trail (IA/IL)
  • Personal mission statement as an FF employee:  Running has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. A lot of my most cherished memories, most of my best friends and probably too much of my focus is all related to running in some way or another. And I know that all of that would be impossible if I was improperly fitted or given bad guidance. As a Fit Specialist at Fleet Feet Sports I want every person that walks through our doors to be able to enjoy whatever they do, be it running, walking, working out at the gym or just thriving day-to-day as somebody who is on their feet a lot, as much as I have enjoyed running. By asking the right questions, being thorough in our fit process and having a genuine interest in everyone's needs gives me the unique opportunity to make a large impact on our customers' lives. I want every customer that I have the chance to work with to leave knowing they have been outfitted with the best footwear, apparel, accessories and advice available. If I am doing my job right we can all be as eager and excited to get after whatever it is that makes us tick. 
  • Food weakness: Pizza, although personally I don't count that as a weakness
  • Personal mantra as a runner: Sometimes running can feel like a chore. I have had plenty of days where the last thing I feel like doing is getting out the door for a run. Fortunately, since running is not my livelihood I can always remind myself that I do this for fun and make any needed adjustments so as to always enjoy the sport, even on those days that I feel like I hate it. 
  • Running goal:  I have two goals: to continue training as long as possible and to make daily improvements as a runner.
  • Currently training towards: Chicago Marathon
  • Running highlight: Grandma's Marathon 2012. It was in this race that I PR'ed in the marathon, and even though my time was still way off my goal PR in the marathon it is still the only marathon that I felt strong and smooth from start to finish. 
  • Running low point:  There are many and it would be difficult to single one out. However they all have a common theme; any time I am feeling too sick, injured or unmotivated to train or race according to an arbitrary set of standards I have laid out for myself. 

Aryn Lloyd, ACE Certified Health Coach(email)

Director of Community Outreach and Corporate Wellness
  • Hometown: Davenport, IA
  • # of years running: 17 years
  • Current Training Shoe(s): New Balance 860 and Brooks Adrenaline
  • Favorite run spot in the QC: Mississippi River Trail
  • Personal mission statement as an FF employee: Discover your fitness potential by finding the right tools and support for your health!  Whether its new shoes or training programs, Fleet Feet has awesome staff and mentors to support you along the way!
  • Food weakness: dark chocolate and nuts
  • Personal mantra as a runner: Put on your shoes and don't over think it.  Just get moving and you will be so glad you did when you are done!
  • Running goal: Would like to complete a marathon at some point!  
  • Currently training towards: Thinking of training for the Twin Cities Marathon next fall.
  • Running highlight: Best half marathon time at the Quad Cities Half Marathon 1:47:21 in 2011, 5K 22:14, and 1 mile competitive mile 6:28 in 2017.
  • Running low point: Trying to run after having my second baby and leg surgery in 2013.  Had almost a year of physical therapy and used an underwater treadmill and the pool to maintain fitness.

Michelle Burken(email)

Training Programs Coordinator
  • Hometown: Clarence, IA
  • # of years running: 5 
  • Current Training Shoe(s): Brooks Levitate
  • Favorite run spot in the QC: Along the river, Illiniwek
  • Personal mission statement as an FF employee: To help everyone on their wellness goals whether it's through finding the right footwear, encouraging them in a training program, or introducing them to a great community of runners
  • Food weakness: Tacos, pizza, guacamole, seafood
  • Personal mantra as a runner: Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for great. Run Happy.
  • Running goal: Qualify for Boston Marathon
  • Currently training towards: Marathon #4
  • Running highlight:

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