Donut Run Prediction Mile

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Donut Mile: 
Each participant will complete a full mile on the track. Before starting the first lap, runners will eat a donut. After the first lap, participants are required to eat a donut hole before starting the next lap. There will be a total of 4 laps, 1 donut and 3 donut holes. The winner is the individual who, while competing within the guidelines, completes their donut mile closest to their predicted time. The wearing/carrying of timing devices will NOT be allowed. First place overall (whether male or female) will receive free shoes from Fleet Feet Sports and our friends at Nike. The top 10 finishers (closest to predicted time) will receive gift cards to Fleet Feet Sports. Awards will also be given for unique categories such as, but not limited to:

. Fastest Donut Consumption
. Fastest 400m Lap
. Fastest Total Time
. Spirit Award

All participants receive a limited edition commemorative mug!

The FREE Donut Hole Quarter Mile: 
Participants (Ages 4-8) will run one full lap on the track and consume a donut hole at the start and at the 200m (half-way point). First place receives a dozen donuts to take home and share with the neighbors! 
Games on the infield to follow while parents participate in the Donut Mile!

Awards will be announced at the track and can be picked up throughout the whole weekend at the store!   

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