Training for the last Dam to Dam


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Staff Review: Hydration Products

Hydration is a key factor in optimal exercise performance. Even a 2% loss in fluid can impair performance and increase your risk of heat stroke. An important thing to consider when rehydrating is total electrolyte and carbohydrate consumption. Many sports drinks and the products listed below…

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Staff Review: Brooks Canopy Jacket

This jacket has quickly become a staff and customer favorite and it's easy to see why. We at Fleet Feet are lucky to have an awesome, exclusive design from Brooks which you can see pictured here. All of those lines? Yeah, they're super reflective (looks cool, keeps you safe and I love the …

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4 Ways to Run Stronger This Year

Create a clear weekly training plan and settle into a routine to make it happen.  Routine creates consistency and consistency over time yields results ... which is precisely how a regular running schedule will help you reach your goals and foster long-term health. While this applies to…

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4 Reasons We All Need Running Community

Running is about a lot more than logging miles and collecting race medals. Running communities support us and help us grow to be the best runners and people we can be. Here's why: Friends who suffer together stay together. As fun and rewarding as running is, it’s also hard. Whether y…

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Don't Tell Me What Strong Looks Like

This is a blog that a fellow training program participant passed along to us. I couldn't agree more with this quote from it. " I started running regularly in December 2013 because it helped me get out of bed in the morning. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t motivated to get …

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Looking for the softest shoe out there?

Are you one of the many people who enjoy a plush, marshmallow-like feel under your foot when you wear shoes? We've heard certain customers mention wanting "a big ole mattress for (my) feet" when trying to accurately explain their hopes in a comfortable pair of running or walking shoes. Altho…

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